Рецензия на "Nameless droplet"

By now the Mystery Sea label has a status of a well-known CDR label and they get demo's from around the globe - or so we must assume. Sergey and Stas are Exit In Grey and they hail from Moscow region, where they produce their music and run the Still Sleep label. Their music is a combination of 'guitar drone ambient' with the usual field recordings and sounds from analogue devices. On 'Nameless Droplet' (their first release on a label other than their own) they have two tracks, the longer part one and the much shorter part two. I must say that things start out pretty well in part one, very intense with a careful, but great built up. But somewhere along the lines of this piece they loose me, and I don't recover. It is as if they want to shift through all the various textures possible, which could have been perhaps great separate pieces by themselves, rather than part of a longer composition. Perhaps that would have been a better idea, as the idea of the total gets a bit lost here. It's music that fits the Mystery Sea catalogue very well, but perhaps a bit too well : music made to fit the label, rather than music for the sake of music itself. Although it's a well performed release, there is a bit too much of the same going on. For die-hard fans of the genre, I guess.

VITAL WEEKLY 555 | Frans De Waard