"Nameless droplet"

Exit in Grey are a mysterious duo from near Moscow, who meld together droning layers of guitar sound, field recordings and sound emanating from analog devices. Nameless droplet seems to paint a world where natural has taken control, a place between realities. Like slipping into the zone world of Andrei Tarkovsky' Stalker or walking in the silence of a long dead city, trees towering above buildings.To really enjoy this you have to let your self truly go for its near on an hour's running time, as noise and drone craft slowly unreel, thats sometimes harmonic other times not, but it's always with an air of distant mystery. Like seeing an object just out of sight, trying to strain to see what it is, but never quite getting the right focus. Its split into two tracks, Part one the longest at just over thirty minutes and Part two just over ten minutes. Part One is built around slowly unfolding audio scenes, that start shallow, then slowly build up depth and clarity before fading or drift into the next. All culminating in a sinister and buzzing fertile atmosphere, that feels like youve finally come across a place of living things. A strange distorted forest, were flies and avian life are bent and meld into the twist and turns of vegetation and tree growth. The vegetation seems to be trying to suck you in, to make you become one with it too, as the track exits your limbs become one with the creaking and sighing of forest's trees.Track two finds us in a weather locked cave staring out onto a grey autumnal field, the landscape bubbling and bending like hot tar. You feel like you need to sit as your legs give way and the slow droning pulse seems to become deeper and somehow nearer. As other groaning and bowing sounds emanate and form, you can now feel sodden moss beneath you hands. your eyes still trying to focus and concentrate on the field's bending shape, but your vision just seems to twist and spin. In the end you shut your eyes just letting the throbbing drone show its melancholy beauty and harmonic underbelly. A very puzzling and strange trip into a state between ambience and delicate melancholy sound painting.