Рецензия на "Nameless droplet"

Moscow-based Sergey and Stas are the motors after Exit In Grey, whose sound is established over guitar drones, field recordings and not better defined "analog devices". Their CD presents more than a few characteristics that I liked, despite being part of a genre which rarely makes my pulse race for the emotion. First of all, these boys are good at choosing the quality of the low frequencies they use, which is not a given in this area: every throb, growl or thrum possesses its own particular light, and only those who are gifted with good measures of "inner ear" when working in creative sound manipulation (believe me, not too many) are able to avoid useless jumbles and indecent emotional sterilizations. Luckily, Exit In Grey seem to be competent enough, in that their music vibrates from the underground rather than annoying with promises of fake heavens. The environmental sources - always discernible in the mix - and the sensible flanging treatment utilized in certain segments do the rest (with special mention for the splendid second movement), putting these gentlemen amidst the names to keep an eye on when looking for drone music with a modicum of significance. Sometimes transcendence is better achieved by maintaining at least one foot on the ground: "Nameless droplet" fully demonstrates this theory.